API TREE supports the standardization of English education

The educational, social, and financial inequality have been growing in the competitive society, and this phenomenon has become even worse recently due to COVID-19, so many children around the world rapidly lose their opportunity to have quality education. The educational opportunity must be provided to every child equally, and no one should be discriminated or abandoned.

API TREE will serve our children as a ‘warm solution’ which can provide the equal opportunity of English education for our children not to give up their dreams. API TREE will accompany our children from the start when they plant the seeds of their dreams, grow healthy trees up to the point when they bear fruits to achieve their dreams.



Text Books

API TREE class provides online textbooks (e-materials) used by the real American students in their schools. Each grade has its curriculum, and the main subjects such as Language Arts, Language Arts Extensions, Math, Science, Social Studies will be taught in English. Therefore, students will learn not only subject knowledge but also American thinking skills.


Management System: Trimester

API TREE Language course takes Trimester system which is managed
by 3 Academic periods in one year. Each grade is divided into 1st term / 2nd term / 3rd term and each term is 4 months long. This period applies to a student who takes a daily 25min class 5 times a week (Mon-Fri). If a student chooses to take a 25 min class twice or 3 times a week, his/her Academic term will be extended.


Classes in Language Course

  • This is a course to obtain an American high school diploma.
  • The diploma is issued by PCI (Park City Independent Online High School) located in AZ owned by Edgenuity,
  • PCI is ranked the top 10 national online high schools.
  • The Academic credits earned in PCI is the same as the credits earned in American public high school, and the credits can be transferred to colleges/universities.
    ( *Recommended to ask the college/university for credit transfer and TOEFL score necessity in advance)

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