This course is to improve English communication skills with various topics.  It is recommended to not only those who are not confident in speaking English but also those who can communicate with a native speaker relatively fluently. This course caters to anyone regardless of their English levels, and it consists of customized curriculum and classes with careful consideration of students’ English levels from basic to advance level.

Students can improve their English listening, speaking, reading, writing and grammar skills through this General ESL course, so they can achieve their learning goals more efficiently.


Course Information

A student will be assigned to basic/intermediate/advanced level depending on his/ her entry level test result. Student can choose his/her class frequency and time before the first class starts. Basically No class schedule change in 4 weeks.


Sample Schedule

  • People who want to communicate in English fluently.
  • People who have a basic level of experience with little English conversation experience and want to use advanced vocabulary and strengthen their vocabulary and expression.
  • People who are afraid of English speaking in real life because they have been studying English only for the English exams.

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