Now students can meet ESL course of APIBECI academy in Baguio, Philippines in online! We incorporate our on-site API BECI Sparta ESL course into our online API SPARTA ESL, which is loved by our on-site students who seek its intensive learning and short-term learning effect. This course is to improve English skills as much as possible in the short term. It provides the right curriculum, class and skills for students who need to focus on learning English intensively with a limited period of time.

API SPARTA ESL course is one of the courses which APIBECI graduates have been looking for!. Let’s experience the on-site SPARTA ESL course with our competent instructors on online!



  • It provides a way to develop and improve English skills through interesting activities for communication and top-level English training program.
  • Student can choose his/her class time before the first class starts. Basically No class schedule change in 4 weeks.


Sample Schedule

  • People who want to experience on-site ESL course on online.
  • People who want to study English intensively for the better result in a the short term.
  • People who want to improve their English skills as quick as possible, because they only have very limited English skills.

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