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Date: September 21, 2021


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Hi, my name is Teacher Cody and I've been teaching for three years now!

I have experience in dealing with different nationalities as well as age groups ranging from kids to adults. This experience made me better and flexible teacher. I enjoyed teaching my students, I gave them fun activities. I can guarantee that you will learn valuable skills in my class in fun and exciting way.

So, what are you waiting for?

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Hi, I'm Teacher Azral

A licensed teacher of BS education major in English.

I have been teaching English for more than two years now. I gain experience in teaching English that is applicable to different kinds of students.

I am very passionate in what I do. In my class I love making arguments with my students because I believe, this will help them improve their critical and creative thinking.

Furthermore, I have experience in teaching pronunciation, speaking, listening, and vocabulary to junior and adult students. That is why I believe, I can help you out in learning English every step of the way. So, let's practice what you have already known and add something each day.

I hope to see you in my class!
Hi, my name is Teacher Jessa

I've been working as an English tutor for four years now.

My first job since I graduated is teaching English to diverse students ranging from kids to adults from beginner to advanced students in a 1 on 1 setting as well as group class setting. Throughout my years of the experience, I've taught different courses like TOEIC and Business English.

My passion in teaching is the reason why I took the TESOL certification a year ago to gain more confidence and knowledge that would make me more flexible and more creative as a teacher.

I enjoy dealing with different nationalities through fun and meaningful conversations because I think, it would make me more understanding of other's culture.

I guarantee that your goal in learning the language will be reached.

I hope to see you soon.
Hi everyone, I am Teacher Fed.

I've been teaching English for four years now.

I taught kids and adults in Vietnam that lead me to be more creative, and versatile in dealing with different levels of students.

Through the years of experience, I've learned a lot of different methods in handling student. If you think that your level is very low, don't worry I'll be here to guide and support you all throughout your lessons and I always make sure that my students feel comfortable and relaxed in learning English.

I am just here, waiting for you to be part of my class.
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General ESL
Sparta ESL
Speaking Coaching (SC)
William Arthur Ward once said, “Teaching is more than imparting knowledge; it is inspiring change.”
Hi! I’m Teacher Dona, and I’m here to help you out.
My years of experience in this industry has equipped me with the skillset necessary to help you harness the skills you need.
My style of teaching is in-depth, so my classes are not just dynamic, but also versatile enough to cater to your specific needs.
I genuinely enjoy teaching, so seeing you improve your skills and be inspired to become better makes me feel energized and do more for you.
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